Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 Things You Don't Need to Know About Me

This post is part of the Teacher Challenge to kick-start my blog. I will do these in descending order, saving the juiciest tidbit for last!

7. I began as a USSF Soccer Referee when I was 15 years old and continue to this day. I would love to ref a World Cup Game one day...

6. I was addicted to World of Warcraft. My addiction lasted for about 2 years. It was only through the help and patience of my loving wife that I survived. Still to this day I cannot go near it without risking a relapse. Maybe this is why I relate to students so well =)

5. I have eaten chicken hearts and cow tongue...and liked it! In Brazil, this is a regular item on the barbecue.

4. My wife was born in Papua New Guinea (I guess that is about her more, but you know..."one flesh" counts). I have never been there but like to retell all of her stories and pretend like I grew up there myself. Her family was on the mission field with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

3. I played the bass trombone in the University of North Florida Jazz Ensemble 1 (you can see me on the end in the middle row in the picture below). While I also picked up guitar, trombone was my first love. I soon found out that in order to be a trombone player, you must be crazy, poor, and unappreciated. While that sounded fun, I decided to become a teacher. Turns out teachers are crazy, poor, and unappreciated as well...

2. I was tested in the top one quarter of the top 1% of students in the United States for my graduating class. I participated in Duke University's Talent Identification Program. Of my 15 best friends from that program, I am only one of two that did not go to either Duke or an Ivy League school (the other is now a practicing physician). I received my first college scholarship offer in the 8th grade (from [The] Ohio State University...I won't link that because I am still bitter about their football championship against Miami).

1. I was a childhood actor/model. I started when I was a baby doing little commercials and print ads. I was as a Jordache kid. I was an Oshkosh B'gosh model. I was an extra in numerous movies.The crown jewels of my acting career were first, being the photo double for the main character in Problem Child 2. The only problem is photo doubles don't make the credits (only stunt doubles), so you'll have to take my word. My second big role was a co-host of a Fox TV show called "What About It" that aired on Saturday mornings. The prize of my career was my role in My Girl with Macaulay Culkin, Dan Aykroyd, and Jamie Lee Curtis. Check out the link, you can find "TJ Collazo". My part was "Boy"...WOO HOO!

Thanks to Miss W. and her Smartboard for the inspiration and example on this post.


Sue Waters said...

Welcome to the World of Blogging!

That must have been an interesting life as a child actor/model. And bwing the blogger that I am I'm trying to work out why the image for My Girl isn't working properly. It has me stumped! You can spot that I spend too much time of my day trouble shooting why things don't work for bloggers.

Thanks for sharing more about yourself!

Trevor J. Collazo said...

Broken link, it should work now. Thanks for keeping me straight!

It was fun. I remember missing most of 2nd and 3rd grade and only having a tutor while on sets. That might be why I never quite fit into the "box"...

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