Thursday, February 24, 2011

Field Trip to the 4th Dimension: A chat with a colleague

Our elementary school teachers had the chance to step into The Fourth Dimension yesterday. We used a Skype video call to chat with Pernille Ripp about the changes she made to her classroom this year and her reflections on it thus far. Beyond the content (which was pushing long overdue), it was a great experience for all 16 of us just to connect with a colleague across the country (about half way).

Rather than do the summarizing, I will let my teachers’ responses speak for themselves. I will say this is just a few and I had teachers ready to "throw it all away" today in their classrooms.

I think that Mrs. Ripp was very inspiring in her talk yesterday.  She obviously loves her students and gave us all a lot to think about when it comes to the community that is our classroom.  I will definitely be praying and thinking about implementing some of her ideas into my own classroom in the future.  She was very genuine with us and did not just talk “theories”, she is living what she is telling us about and that made her presentation more genuine.

I appreciated everything that she had to say regarding class management, especially her process on dealing with student situations and the reward/punishment system. As a resource teacher I have trouble gaining students’ respect when the only reason they want to behave is because they want a reward from their other teacher. I loved Mrs. Ripp’s theories and plan on implementing many into my classrooms.

I truly enjoyed hearing what Mrs. Ripp had to share with us.  I too have felt overwhelmed at times in the past 3 yrs when it comes to class management and trying to keep up with every little thing for rewards and consequences.  I do support her thoughts and actions and feel as though this is a GREAT idea to help our students become more “in tune” with their actions and our expectations...  Her concept gives students more of an ownership for their actions and teach them about choices before, during and after any given situation.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to look outside our box.

Now, I know Pernille would not like getting all this credit (because she told me so). And to the credit of others, she is not the "inventor" of this type of classroom. But she is doing it, which makes her an expert. She is also the person who our faculty will always remember as the catalyst to change. (She is also the one who they will call in October when they feel totally overwhelmed!)

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Pernille Ripp said...

This was by far one of the highlights of my year. I am not an expert, but thank you for calling me one, but I do love to keep it real. Sharing my crazy ideas with your educators is a great way for me to reflect and refine as well, so while I did a lot of talking, their questions push me forward and help me learn. Please tell your incredible staff that if they ever need anything to reach out, I am here for anything!

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