Friday, April 22, 2011

This Must Stop!!

Last night I was catching up on some blogs when I came across this statement on the Learn it in 5 blog. It was giving advice on how to "get the most out of Twitter”:
“Only Follow the Best…
If there isn't a profile, I won't follow. If the words "muse," "Christ," "guru," "environmentalist" or any other self-aggrandizing, religious or political words are in the profile, my guess is the person has very little to offer.”
I don’t understand how being a Christian (and open about it) automatically disqualifies me from having anything of value to offer in the professional arena. How can we as educators be okay with such blatant and open prejudice against a group of people based on one single characteristic that they share? What would have happened if this person wrote “Black” or “Female” or “Deaf” or “Muslim” or “Homosexual”? All of those characteristics imply a certain set of cultural beliefs and experiences, yet no one in academia would dare write a statement against them or claim that they have little value. It baffles me that we hear about tolerance and respect all over the place. We are mandated to teach and encourage it. However, what it really means is tolerance and respect of everyone except Christians. That’s what I see and experience all over the place.

How dare you disrespect me based on one single characteristic when you do not even know me as a person. My father is also Puerto Rican. Do you hate me more because of that too?

When I asked Pernille Ripp (@4thGrdTeach) to speak with some of my teachers, it was solely based on the value of what she was sharing. How did I know the value? I FOLLOWED HER. I read her thoughts. Did I agree with all of them? No, but I gave her the time and respect she as a human being deserved. The result: a great time with a fellow educator who holds very different beliefs.

I am not sure how my blog post about my first 10 days with my Android phone boils your anti-Christian blood. Or maybe it was my post asking teachers how long it takes them to lesson plan. Oh I know, it must be the one where I explained the new structure of my school.

I hope that there are educators out there, Christian and non-Christian, who see the prejudice and hate that is aimed at the Christian community. I am not asking you to convert. I am just asking for your respect.

I know you have the right to write whatever you want. I am not asking you to stop. I am asking you to reflect and stop the hate.

Photo by Emerys, Blake, “No More Hate” retrieved 4/22/20115 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.