Friday, July 15, 2011

Basic Tools of the Digital Classroom

Presented at IICSE by David McVicker (@DavidMcVicker)- Assistant Principal of Elementary at Ben Lippen School, 7/12/11 Columbia International University, Columbia, SC

Tools of the Trade
The following is a list of pretty standard resources. I will not include a real summary of each. There are plenty of descriptions, tutorials, how-tos, etc. all over the internet/blogosphere. A simple Google search will provide [way too] many resources on each item listed below.

There are SO many, we must have good discernment to find the things that work well in your classroom to provide consistency for the students.

Pushing for a computer lab is 15 years too late. Internet must be in the classroom.

Online Content - Part of active learning - not a replacement to instruction
Khan Academy - 2400 video content lessons - Math, science, and more. AWESOME!
TED Talks - every talk is limited to 18 minutes - cutting edge talks by experts in various fields.
iTunes U - 350,000 videos from high schools and universities


Time is the most limited resource in the classroom. Do everything you can to use it wisely.

Memorization by itself is not bad. You must ask yourself WHY you are memorizing.

Gmail - a bit passe for students
Twitter - great for open discussion.
Facebook - this is where most students are spending time
Skype - many uses beyond just video chatting with grandma

Writing - Just because it's not pen and paper doesn't mean it's not important
Google Docs - Online writing collaboration
Blogger - blogging site
Word Press - another blogging site (Primarily for elementary and middle grades students)

Choose new technology in bite-sized pieces. Be intentional with the tools you use to encourage thinking. Don't have so many balls in their air that if one drops, they all fall.

Feel free to comment and add more tools. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. I just wanted to point out what he talked about in the session.

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