Monday, July 11, 2011

Where does a school begin with Social Media

Presented by Randall Ross, Executive Director of Gathering Media at IICSE, Columbia, SC. July 11, 2011

Here are my notes:

Where do we begin?
Have a strategy
Must be data-driven AND people-focused

Phase 1 - Laying the Foundations
  1. Interest in Social Media (people are asking. school decides to explore the possibilities so not to lose touch with culture and community.)
  2. Training on Why (Why is social media growing in our culture? Why should the school engage?)
    1. Decision point - Wait or Move Forward
  3. Create a "Social Media Task Force" - (asses the community, develop the SM strategy and implementation plan. Should be comprised of a proper sampling of stakeholders)
  4. Community Assessment (gain understanding of demogrpahics, infrastruction readiness, and current use. Needs to be enough info to get a clear picture and make informed decision)
    1. Decision point - wait or Move Forward
  5. Goals for Social Media (immediate, mid-term, and long-term)
    1. Immediate - create and engaged and prepared commnity to invovle in teh communication and promotion of the school's values and mission
    2. Mid-term - to enhance the reputation of the school and leverage its strenghts for increased enrollment.
    3. Long-term - to deepen relationship formed with the community through promoting shared values and mission
  6. Social Media Strategy (Who, what, when, where, and how. Establish guiding values. Identify target groups within the Tribe. Identify key SM content. Identify SM platforms. 
Phase 2 - Implementation of Social Media Presence
  1. Social Media Training (communicate policies and procesures. Training for content creators. Training for SM Monitors)
  2. Monitoring and Maintenance (analytics and evaluation tools. Schedule for SM presence maintenance. 
  3. District Staffing Needs (hiring, changing, or adding a job description)
Phase 3 - Ongoing Process of Imprvement
  1. Set plan for growth of SM (start small. build upon areas of high interest or use. Add content creators
  2. Empower and Reward Advocates (recognize contributions and seek input. find ways to deepen connections)
  3. Review and Analyze Usage Patterns
  4. Back to Phase 1 - Community Assessment

Soft Launch: 30-90 days
Limited Launch: 90-180 days
Full Launch: 12-18 months

Project Cost:
Training: $570-$1200
  • Monitoring - 1/8 FTE - 5 hr/wk
  • 1-3 faculty creators - 2 hr/wk
  • 1-3 guest creators - 2 hr/wk

Prices vary from "free" to $400-$1000/yr+

The Content Carnival
Interaction won't take place without dynamic content. These are ideas for different types of content.

  • School Mission and Beliefs
  • Course Schedules and Offerings
  • Permission slips and covenants
  • Curriculum Pieces
  • Homework assignments
  • more...
  • Weather related info
  • disaster and crisis alerts
  • Alerts for missing students
  • Fine Arts events
  • Athletics
  • Dismissal Delays
  • more...
Articles and Blog Posts
  • New Teacher/Administration Stories
  • Departmental updates or Program Info
  • Programs for Parental involvement
  • Student Articles and Stories
  • Teacher/Student acheivements and awards
  • Local Highlights of the School System
  • Statewide/National Education news
  • Fundraising/Development articles and updates
  • Devotionals and Chapel transcripts
  • Physical Ed. and Healthy Living Articles
  • more...
Rich Media
  • School Promotional Videos
  • Athletics highlights
  • Fine Arts commercials and Trailers (drama trailer for upcoming play...others...)
  • Podcast of chapel services
  • Podcast of Weekly Announcements
  • Photos of school activities and events (Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
  • Vids/Pics of student projects
  • Mission Trip and outreach media
  • Interactive polls and surveys
  • more...
Sources of Content (mostly Christian b/c conference is Christian Education)
  • ACSI
  • Your website and social media channels
  • YouTube, TeacherTube, GodTube
  • the people you follow/followyou
  • local news and community activity boards
  • Local churches and schools
  • advocate sources
  • donor sources

Resources to help with SM activities
  • SM Forums & discussions boards
Media Hosting
  • YouTube
  • iTunes - free podcast hosting
  • - photo storage (or picasa)
Document Sharing
  • Google Docs
  • Free Online Wikis
  • SM Platform tools
  • google analytics
  • google alerts
Third Party Helps
  • Tweetdeck
  • hootsuite and cotweet
  • - url shortener

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